Who Are We?

African Sunrise is a company based in Cape Town, that places Volunteers and Interns at various NPO’s. We are a small team of Women, who strive to bring about change in the Cape Town area, by not only providing Volunteers and Interns with great, life-changing projects, we also get very involved!

We also have Swedish speaking Staff, who have made Cape Town their permanent home, and are always on hand for our foreign volunteers and interns.
We do fundraising activities for our projects, as well as Soup Kitchen Sessions every Friday. Our company is unique, as we have staff members from NPO and Social Work backgrounds, among a few. Our projects are carefully chosen to provide the volunteer and intern with exactly what they need, and also to maximise the good they can do for the children and adults in need. We tailor your experience to fit your studies, your interests, and also to offer you a life-changing experience. All of our projects are very hands-on.

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6 days 5 hours ago
Culture Shock – A Welcome Departure from the Norm

Volunteering and interning in Cape Town can be one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences you'll ever embark on. You will face challenges that will test your knowledge and resolve. By the time you have completed your time with us, you will learn more about yourself than you can ever really know if you stay in your...

3 weeks 9 hours ago
The Important Role of Volunteers During Cape Town

Wherever you are in the World, you will have heard various reports of the drought in the Western Cape. The Cape Town water shortage has made headline news, often with conflicting information.

Cape Town's resilience is amazing. We've come together to help each other out in circumstances that could affect any city...

4 weeks 15 hours ago

5 ladies, 5 beauties, 5 intellectuals. Delayed and overdue as it is, hahahahaha, Sandra, Asrin, Lisa, Lota and Sara you already know that you are very welcomed in South Africa and of course at African Sunrise <3 .

I can assure you these are ladies who do not leave any stone unturned, for real. The first question I received, just a few minutes of meeting them was; “Tell us, how long...

1 month 7 hours ago
Sunday Nights in Observatory

Sunday Nights - you've spent the weekend exploring the beautiful Cape Town area, and you need to chill and spend a relaxing evening at home before the start of your week at your internship or volunteer placement. Not keen on spending a night in? Why not walk to Obviously Armchair on Lower Main Road in Observatory, where you'll often find us! Sunday nights are...
1 month 1 week ago
On THE Island....with Annica


Robben Island- Growing up, I knew it as the prison on water; where no prisoner could escape.

After a decade and some years, I am on the grounds of this prison. I cannot help but imagine and feel the pain, isolation and hurt felt by the people who were...

1 month 1 week ago
The coming first day as an employee of African

I am no writer, but I have to share this with ya’ll.
It’s a Sunday evening, different emotions running through my mind. A part of me is praying that I can turn back the hands of time or elongate this evening and escape tomorrow.

Yeah, Yeah, I know they have met me before, but a girl can be frightened by her ‘official’ first day at work, right?
‘What the hell...