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1 month 2 weeks ago
5 Excellent Reasons to Choose African Sunrise for

When African Sunrise began a little over three years ago, we had a singular vision on a...

3 months 1 week ago
Interview with Tove - past Intern
  1. What are you studying back in Sweden? Please also give some details about your course and field of interest –

At the time of my internship I was studying Social work back home. It was during my fifth semester of my bachelor’s degree that I came to intern in Cape Town. For my chosen courses I had focused on crime and  youth...

3 months 2 weeks ago
A Few of the Projects We Work with for Volunteers

If you're thinking about spending some time overseas by volunteering or your university course requires you to undertake an internship, it's crucial that a legitimate company does your placement. South Africa is a popular destination for ...

5 months 1 week ago
Trading in the Summer House in Denmark for

It's hard to believe that we're now entering the second quarter of 2019 already and summer is nearly here. And we've been informed by our Swedish friends that everyone in Denmark and the other Nordic countries are thinking and planning all things summer. Due to our connections with Scandinavia via Sweden we've read up a lot...

6 months 5 days ago
Volunteers from Finland – Do Something Different

From what we understand about Finland, summertime is a big deal. A season with days of endless sunshine and plenty of festivals, food, drink and good times that stretch throughout June, July and some of August. To be honest, a Finnish summer sounds so tempting we might even come across to join you someday! However, this summer...

6 months 3 weeks ago
Why Not Swap Fellesferie in Norway for

Even though we're at the beginning of 2019, you might already be thinking about what your plans are for this summer. You might be planning on renting a summer home in Oslofjord or in Sweden or Denmark with family or friends to relax and unwind. However, like many of our Swedish friends, you can choose something entirely...