Winter Volunteering in Cape Town
A lot of people aren't sure what their plans are for the summer, with many people looking to spend their time overseas. For a lot of students, volunteering is something they've always wanted to do, and there is no better place to do it than South Africa.

In Cape Town, your summer is our winter. And while it's not as cold as it is back home, the need for a strong network of volunteers here is critical during the winter months. And that's why the African Sunrise team are doing our best to get more people to join us in creating positive change in Cape Town this winter.

When the Tourists Leave, the Real Work Begins –

We usually have lots of volunteers and interns visit in the spring and summer months. By the time autumn and winter arrives, this vital support network in Cape Town thins out. The same amount of people need our help, but there are fewer resources to go around.

Fortunately, over the past year, we've noticed that more and more volunteers are heading across to Cape Town for the winter. The skills volunteers bring to South Africa are invaluable, and each person who joins us has a direct impact on the NPO and NGO network in Cape Town. This isn't charity; this is direct action.

If you want to do something different over the summer holidays there is no better place than Cape Town. You will learn new approaches to volunteering and social care, in addition to actively participating in improving service delivery.

Building Networks with NPOs is Vital –

At African Sunrise, one of the things we focus is on is building close relationships with the NPOs we work with. We visit each NPO and organisation several times before we begin working with them. It's important to us that every detail is worked out and vetted before we place our volunteers or interns with an organisation.

Our Project Liaison Ululutho visits every organisation several times a month to check on the volunteers and to catch up with the directors and social workers. For us, it's more than just placing our volunteers and interns somewhere and leaving things there.

African Sunrise is an active participant in the network for NPOs and NGOs in Cape Town, and we believe that change is possible, but only with action. We provide as much assistance as we can and ensure that every organisation receives a proper donation per volunteer and intern.

We actively encourage our volunteers and interns to fundraise on behalf of their chosen placement. In fact, we don't even need to rally them – our previous volunteers and interns always undertake the cause themselves.

African Sunrise – Our Volunteers and Interns are a Crucial Part of Cape Town –

We can't state this enough. Volunteers and interns are a crucial part of the network of NPOs and other NGOs in Cape Town. Every single person who comes across to Cape Town to volunteer their time strengthens the social working and other support networks. Each person contributes and creates a platform on which each organisation can provide vital services.

At African Sunrise, we do things differently from other companies in our industry. It's our attention to details that sets us apart from the rest of the pack. Tania is the Volunteer Coordinator, and she oversees all the volunteers and interns, providing support throughout their stay. If there are any issues, the African Sunrise team are just a message or phone call away when needed.

African Sunrise offers the best volunteer and intern experiences at affordable prices. We don't provide voluntourism packages or work with companies that do. We believe that people who want to volunteer are doing so to make a positive change. And by volunteering with African Sunrise, that's precisely what they're signing up for.

If volunteering in Cape Town with African Sunrise sounds like something you'd like to be part of, contact us today. We are ready and waiting to talk about the discuss our volunteering and internship packages.

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