The coming first day as an employee of African Sunrise
I am no writer, but I have to share this with ya’ll.
It’s a Sunday evening, different emotions running through my mind. A part of me is praying that I can turn back the hands of time or elongate this evening and escape tomorrow.

Yeah, Yeah, I know they have met me before, but a girl can be frightened by her ‘official’ first day at work, right?
‘What the hell did I get myself into?’ I’m I capable or cut out for this work?’ ‘I have big shoes to fill.’ ‘Will they like me?’ ‘What should I wear?’ ‘Is my hairstyle ok?’
These are some of the thoughts that circle my brain, all at once; Yes, I said ‘some’.

I know I need to rest so I can be rejuvenated for this coming day, but I can’t help but research to make my day a smooth sail.
If you didn’t know, searches on how to have a positive first day experience are in abundance on Google. Some are far-fetched and some are okay-ish. I decided you know what; this is going to add on my nerves. So I slept.

Six hours later, alarm wakes me and it seems all a lie, AYONYANI! This day has arrived. My brain is lying to me and making me feel as though I am ready for it. But my heart; my heart is on some reality tip, telling me, No girl, you need another month to be ready for this.
Hahaha, I eventually pull myself together and told myself that I am ready to be the ‘New Siba’, on steroids  ;) .

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