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Internships are the final part of most student's university or college degree.

By choosing to undertake your internship in South Africa with African Sunrise, you'll be able to apply your theoretical skills in a challenging environment you're unlikely to have an opportunity to work in again.

Our South African culture and heritage are so diverse, with some problematic yet empowering historical moments interwoven into the context of this great nation. Although we have a lot to celebrate and are making progress, there are still obstacles ahead. We deal with genuine issues of poverty, inequality, human rights violations, and many other societal problems.

The African Sunrise team has spent a lot of time creating a network of organisations and NPOs that we place interns with. That's because our internship projects are very carefully chosen to match your field of studies. It's crucial that we understand each organisation's primary focus, in addition to monitoring their performance based on feedback from our interns.

Essentially, African Sunrise is here to create an opportunity for every intern to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. This is what a genuine internship should be - a challenging and equally meaningful experience.

The minimum stay for an internship in South Africa is three months.

We cater for many fields of study, including Social Work, Teaching, Psychology, Human Rights Studies, Law Studies, Political Studies, as well as offering internships in South Africa in other fields like Photography, Coding, Public Relations, Communications and Logistics.

If you don't see your core subject on the above list, please don't be discouraged. When we first started our company that list was much smaller and grown over time to accommodate the increasingly wide range of subjects that requires an internship module.

You can contact us with more information about your field of study, and we'll begin making inquiries to find a suitable placement.